There can be many reasons for converting your training courses from a live interactive format to a recorded interactive format. Here are some possibilities:

Reach a wider audience:

  • By recording your training courses, you can share them with people all over the world, regardless of location or time zone.
  • People who cannot attend the training course live can watch it at their own convenience.

Reduce costs:

  • Recording training courses can be more cost-effective than delivering them live, as there is no need to pay travel and accommodation costs for trainees.
  • The same recording can be used over and over again, which reduces the cost of training per trainee.

Increase flexibility:

  • Trainees can learn at their own pace and rewatch parts of the training course as needed.
  • Trainees can stop and start as needed, making it more suitable for learning on the job.

Share knowledge:

  • Recorded training courses can be shared with colleagues, customers, or anyone else interested in the topic.
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